Much like the process of selling or buying a home, the story behind The Z Group is one of endings and beginnings. After two decades of unfulfilled bouncing around being a faceless cog in a giant corporate machine and slinging some fine Manhattans and Martinis, I came to an epiphany: I realized I had been blocking my own shot. My whole life I’ve been around and worked in real estate.

It's literally my family's business.

Since waking up to this reality and beginning on a new (but well-worn path), I have been working my way towards starting my own brokerage. Thanks to the constant encouragement from my wife, who’s patience should assure her some level of sainthood, and the kind words and advice of so many of my dearest friends, today, The Z Group is a reality. My goal is to always bring my clients the most innovative techniques available in real estate, along with an all-consuming passion to give them the best home buying or selling experience of their lives.

Thank you all for the continued support!


Choosing the right Real Estate Agent is a big deal.

The experience of buying or selling a home is already stressful enough without dealing with someone who isn’t giving you their full attention. If you do choose to work with me, I understand that you are entrusting me with the responsibility of guiding you through this experience as painlessly as possible.

With my years of experience, I have learned when and where it is worth spending a little more - where I can find you the best value, what is amazing craftsmanship, and when someone may be trying to give you less than you deserve. I’ve learned and lived through error, so I know how to steer you away from common pitfalls. I also have an extensive background in business development, so if you are looking to start or build your business, I can help you there, too.

I am here, for you, before, during, and after the deal. You are not a number to me. I am here to build strong relationships and a stronger community. And I’m ready to go to work for you.

- Zachary Latinville